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Just like mountains .......

some money transfer companies are unique

  • Market leading forex rates
  • No administration fees.
  • ISO 9001 accredited service levels.
  • ISO 27001 accredited security levels.
  • 100% transparency on all money transfers.
  • Tailored services to your money transfer needs.

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Learn all about:

Exchange control

As one of less than 25 countries in the world operating under an exchange control regime, it is vital you understand the repercussions and processes for transferring money in and out of South Africa.


South African residents are are given certain allowances for each calendar year that dictate the amount they may transfer out of South Africa. Learn here the what the different allowances are and what requirements you must fulfill to able to qualify for them.

Saving Money

Some of the costs of a money transfer are seen as admin and service fees, however the largest fee is undoubtedly the spread - the difference between the inter-bank rate and what you pay. Learn here how to access the best forex rates.

Meet some of the Incompass team

Fiona Rohland

Fiona Röhlandt

Managing Director
Christo Rust

Christo Rust

Sales Desk Administrator
Quanita Jackson

Qaunita Jackson-Ely

Bianca Rossiter

Bianca Abrahams

Help Desk Consultant

What our clients have to say

  • This is the second time I have used your services within a period of about 4 years. My positive experience has not diminished in the least since my first transaction. I’m very impressed with your consistent standards of excellence. I have recommended your services to several of my friends.
  • Your staff is always very helpful, friendly and efficient. I made a great choice when I signed up three years ago.
  • Seamless and prompt with all information. I really had no questions. All the members that have communicated with me have been excelled. In comparison with other financial companies I have dealt with, INCOMPASS are by far the best.

About us

Incompass was founded in 2003 and our focus has always been on the international flow of money and the unique issues this brings. Our dedication to giving both imaginative and far reaching money exchange services, has seen us become one of South Africa's premier money transfer companies and the only independent one offering the reassurance of being ISO 9001 and 27001 certified.

All of our transactions are through our authorised dealer, who are in turn approved by the South African Reserve Bank. Also we are a FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) regulated organization holding all required licenses. Our money transfers are carried out in strict compliance with SARS and money laundering requirements.

What you gain by using Incompass:

  • NO service fees levied on your currency transfers (in excess of ZAR 50,000).
  • EXCELLENT exchange rates.
  • FREE assistance with tax clearances.
  • EXPERTISE on foreign exchange control regulations.
  • SAFE AND SECURE trading backed up by our certification for ISO 27001.
  • FULLY SARS and Reserve Bank compliant.
  • SUPERIOR client service proven by being ISO 9001 accredited.

For better rates, no fees and service excellence contact Incompass Forex today for all your money transfers requirements.